Beer Taps and Kegs

Renting a Beer Tap

There is nothing better than pleasing your guests all night by serving them fresh beer. Our high quality portable beer dispensers will take care of this, and with two taps you can serve two different beers at the same time. The built-in refrigerating system will cool down keg beer instantly to the perfect temperature, even in summer. Depending the conditions, this dispenser can pour about 120 litres per hour. The gas and necessary accessories are included in the rental price.

Our beer taps are compatible with kegs which are Type A and Type S:

Below you will find compatible kegs which you can purchase at Aligro or Alloboissons.

Beer Kegs

We recommend that you go directly to Aligro in Chavannes near Lausanne, to get your beer kegs.

They offer the following selection:

Beer Liters / Keg CHF / Keg
Boxer Old (S) 20 l 70.00
Calanda (S) 20 l 67.00
Blonde (S)
20 l 78.00
Heineken (S) 20 l 84.00

Please be aware that Aligro will ask you for a CHF 50.00 deposit per keg.

More Beer!

If you are organising a larger event, we offer you the possibility to be supplied directly from our drinks supplier and partner Alloboissons. You also have the possibility of renting a beer tap directly from them. Discover a small selection below compatible with our taps:

Beer Liters / Keg
CHF / Keg
Kronenbourg 1664
20 l
CHF 100.00
Kronenbourg 1664
30 l
CHF 145.00
Kronenbourg 1664
Blanche (A)
20 l
CHF 115.00
Blanche (A)
30 l CHF 150.00
Blonde (A)
30 l CHF 180.00
Blanche (A)
20 l CHF 100.00
30 l CHF 130.00
30 l CHF 120.00