Ice Cube Machine

Rent an Ice Cube Maker

Modern and easy-to-use ice maker with the following features:

  • Convenient control screen
  • 9 ice cubes per cycle (about 10-15 minutes/cycle)
  • First ice cubes after about 20-30 minutes
  • Around 12-15 Kg of ice in 24 h
  • Ice basket and ice cube scoop provided
  • Alarm when the ice compartment is full or if there is not enough water
  • Perfect for home, office, BBQ and parties

This modern ice cube maker will guarantee cold drinks at parties, in the office or other occasions like BBQs. This handy ice maker is easy to use and requires no additional water supply. Just fill the water tank and plug it in and you will soon have the ice cubes you need for your drinks. The device is compact and easy to transport, while maintaining a true classic design. Convenient: it sounds an alarm when the ice compartment is full or there is not enough water. In addition, it has a transparent window in the lid that allows you to always keep an eye on the condition of the ice cubes.